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Addiction Treatment Programs

A safe haven for successful sobriety. Find a program that fits your future today.

addiction treatment programs in OhioReclaiming your legacy and emerging out of the darkness of addiction as a legend starts with finding an addiction treatment program. Seeking help while struggling with addiction is one of the bravest choices you can make. Continuing the cycle of drug or alcohol use is lonely and can be devastating to every aspect of life, including work, family, and friends. Where you take your first step on the road to recovery can be one of the most impactful decisions of your journey. At Legends Recovery Center, we know how important it is to take this step in a caring, judgment-free environment that can provide the support you need to be successful. Call 330.355.5040 today to build a recovery plan to meet your goals with our recovery specialist.

The first step in any recovery journey is detox. During alcohol detox, your body will rid itself of toxins and begin the healing process. It’s critical to have medical supervision during detox to ensure your safety and comfort since withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and even lead to relapse.

In some rare cases, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that they cause delirium tremens, which is a medical emergency. Delirium tremens (DTs) can be fatal if medical professionals are not closely monitoring and managing the condition. The team at Legends Recovery Center can quickly recognize and expertly treat DTs.

Drug Detox Program

Like alcohol detox, drug detox can be an intense, uncomfortable experience. While your body cleanses itself from substances, chemicals in the brain become unbalanced and cause severe anxiety and depression, among other symptoms.

Detoxing from drugs under medical supervision can make managing withdrawal symptoms much easier. These professionals can prescribe medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help the body taper off the drug slowly, keeping the brain chemicals more balanced.

Residential Treatment Program

After completing a detox program, our residential treatment program is the next step. This inpatient program provides a chance to live at our serene recovery center to receive around-the-clock care from our team of addiction specialists.

Residential treatment starts to provide the tools that make recovery more successful. The individual, group, and alternative therapies help connect the root cause of the addiction to the path ahead to maintain sobriety.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an effective option for people who do not need the constant support of a residential treatment program. This program is an outpatient opportunity to receive the same level of care as our residential treatment program but with the ability to return home at the end of each day.

During a stay in our PHP program, treatment programs include individual and group therapy sessions to address the root cause of the addiction. Our recovery specialists also teach additional skills that help to manage triggers in daily life.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) helps to provide daily support for clients who can manage most aspects of their everyday life. This program offers a similar level of care as our residential treatment program but allows them to return home every day.

The commitment to an IOP is roughly the same as a part-time job. The program also includes individual and group therapy, recovery skills classes, and additional support for a few hours a day, multiple times a week.

Reclaim Your Legacy with Legends Recovery Center

Recovery is a lifelong journey, but it starts with one brave step. No matter where you are on your recovery journey, the programs at Legends Recovery Center can provide support.

Become a legend and reclaim your legacy by taking the first step to a sober future. Call 330.355.5040 or complete our web form today.